How does app&me work?

Using app&me is simple and intuitive. After downloading the application, all you need to do is follow the instructions of the onboarding process and take your first steps with the discovery mode, before joining one of the worlds of app&me.

Once you become a member of a world, you are free to use the application to its full potential and start the adventure. With your appCode, explore a world and invite your friends to join you there. Earn money as soon as a friend joins a world. Use the Give Back feature of the application to support the causes that move you through donations. Moreover, you may also share content on social networks and organise your own challenges!

How do I earn with app&me?

App&me allows you to earn money with your friends. All you have to do is share your appCode, which is given to you when you join one of the app&me worlds.

You can track the progress of your earnings at any time in your personal space, in My Wallet.

You may request payment into your bank account as soon as your earnings reach €100.

How do donations work with app&me?

app&me allows you to financially support causes that impact the world. Each time a new member joins one of the application's worlds, app&me automatically donates €1 to the cause or project advocated by that world, and for the season.

Using the Give Back button in your personal space on the application, you may also make your own donation to the cause. This feature allows you to pay out some or all of your earnings within seconds.

To find out more about where your donations go, take a look at a detailed presentation of the causes you support in the My Wallet section of the application.

Is there a fee for app&me?

A participation of €25 is requested. This is a one-time contribution to support the season’s project and launch your adventure.

For each universe, an association to which you join as a supporting member. This step is mandatory in order to join a universe and start the app&me adventure. For the first art&me universe, you join the Play Art association and become an ambassador for the work created by our artist of the season, Jisbar. Participate in the financing of an artistic and humanitarian project for access to drinking water.

To find out more about the use of your €25 payment, you can follow its allocation and distribution at any time in the section “More information about my payment” in your personal space.

Is the app&me model legal?

Yes. app&me is an application that is built on an adaptation of Multi-Level Marketing, which strictly adheres to positive and community-oriented aspects. The absolute openness of this new fund-raising system makes it possible to redistribute simply and fairly to its users in more than 200 countries.

I am 16, can I use app&me?

Yes, according to the Company’s articles of association, anyone who is at least 16 years of age can download the application and join the app&me community by signing up for one of its worlds.

Will there be other artists in the art&me world?

Yes, each season will have its own artist, and each artist will have its own cause. art&me will thus regularly showcase new talents from around the world. You are an artist and would like to learn more about art&me world, right? Simply contact us in writing directly on our Instagram account.

Will there be other worlds in app&me?

app&me is constantly innovating, exploring and reinventing itself, to offer you renewed experiences all the time: the creation of new worlds is at the heart of the project, imagination being the only limit.

Just very soon you will be able to discover music&me in the field of music, earth&me for environmental protection and game&me for video games. Please do not hesitate to share your ideas and suggestions with us by reaching us in writing via our social network accounts.

Can NGOs join app&me?

app&me's community and committed worlds are constantly evolving. We are open for future collaboration with NGOs. We will keep you informed of the next causes advocated by the app&me community within different worlds.

Is app&me based on a subscription system?

No, no subscription is required: no monthly payment is required, it is a one-off payment of €25, per world and per season.

Is it possible to get a refund of the €25 paid to an app&me world?

Once you become a member of a world, cancelling your payment is no longer possible, except in special cases (requests will be studied by app&me, and decisions to reimburse will be taken on a case-by-case basis).

Do I have to declare my earnings on app&me?

You are solely responsible for the payment of any taxes, levies, fees and all types of public contributions related to the sums credited to your User Account or paid into your bank account (art. 12.4 TOU) as a result of your participation in the Affiliate Programme, including any social security contributions.

Data protection on app&me

The processing of your personal data is governed by the company's Privacy and Cookies Policy which you may consult at any time in the relevant section of the application menu. All data is stored in Switzerland

Applicable law and place of jurisdiction.

Any legal relationship between you and the company arising from the TOU is subject to Swiss law. The Swiss courts where the company's registered office is located shall have exclusive jurisdiction for all disputes arising in connection with the terms of use.

Who is behind app&me?

app&me is an ecosystem, a structure consisting of 100% Swiss partners: this alliance of skills and technologies is made up of recognised professionals in their respective fields.

How can I contact app&me?

You may contact us by using the “Contact Us” section of the application or directly by email at hello@appandme.app

In compliance with art. 6.2 TOU, any communication between You and the Company shall only take place through the Application. The Company shall not respond to any requests sent to it by telephone, email or post. Please send all Your enquiries to the Company through the Application, under “Contact Us!”. English is the official language recommended to be used in all communications between You and the Company.

More information about my payment

The €25 payment acts as an entry fee into one of the app&me universes. By paying for this membership, you have access to all the application's features and you can start the adventure in the chosen universe.

Funding levels
Funding of the user's connections (supporting members) up to €10 (€1 per level = immediately provisioned on the back office).
Universes' operation
Management of the universe, marketing, security 8%
Reserve fund for the next seasons 16%
Reserve fund for the development of new universes 8%
Structural operation
Human resources: (salaries and social charges) 3%
Suppliers: servers, technical assistance (IOS - Android) 8%
General expenses: administrative management, marketing, communication, bank charges, rental of premises 13%
Immediate donation
Direct donation made by app & me to the supported cause 4%

The Association

In each universe, an association to which you join as a supporting member. This step is mandatory in order to be able to join a universe and start the app&me adventure.

For the first art&me universe, you join the Play Art association and become an ambassador of the work created by our artist of the season, Jisbar.

The work was acquired by the association, which will remain the sole owner.

A specific contract has been concluded with the artist to manage the rights of the work, image rights, property, intellectual property, etc. The work will always be the property of the association, the supporting members, 'ambassadors' have no rights, votes or property rights over it.

On the other hand, supporting members will have access to privileged content linked to the work. Finally, the work will never be sold but eventually transferred to a museum or a foundation.

Status of the association

I am discovering the application !

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